The introductory blog post of Digikarma - Finally!

I know its late, but then its never too late to do something good. After almost a year, we are finally launching our official blog.

So, here is where our entire team gets to write about all the stuff that goes through their head and I have briefed them to keep it relevant at the least.

And I do believe I have to lead by example here and that is why I wanted to be the first to blog. And it does feel amazing to be doing this. This is something I have been looking forward to for some time now.

This blog is going to be short because this particular one lacks any significant purpose. This blog is supposed to be the blog that introduces the blog!

So here it is! We are officially doing this. We will be blogging consistently from now on, our content team is going to bring you some valuable content and hope you all will enjoy reading our blogs. Moreover, we hope all the future blogs will help add value to the reader, that is you! At the least, we all finally have a place to pour down things that go through our head.

Please do Contact us and let us know if you want to leave any feedback.


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