Inbound marketing is getting more customers and sales through content marketing, social media marketing, and Search Engine Optimisation.

Are you a small business here in India looking for effective way to market your product or service? Then Inbound Marketing is exactly what you want and we are here to help you understand all about it.

To explain it simply, inbound marketing focuses on bringing in more leads, sales and customers through company created internet content that provides value to anybody reading it. With inbound marketing, marketers no longer have to fight for the attention of their customers and instead can stand out among the crowd.

SEO professor defines Inbound Marketing as marketing strategies that focus on pulling audiences in instead of going out to get prospects’ attention. Inbound marketing pulls visitors in, increase brand exposure, and creates brand authority through the creation of valuable content.

“Instead of one-way interruption, web marketing is all about delivering useful content at just the precise moment that a buyer needs it.” - David Meerman Scott(@dmscott)

Inbound marketing vs Outbound marketing

Outbound marketing is exactly like traditional advertisement methods and techniques (the name coined as a contrast to inbound marketing) where you fight for your prospects attention through television and radio advertising, print advertising, telemarketing, direct mail, and outdoor advertising. Like traditional marketing, outbound marketing is interruptive.

Difference between inbound marketing and outbound marketing

While Outbound marketing is about pushing your news and product to target customers, Inbound marketing is all about attracting potential customers to your website through amazing valuable content.

The Difference between Inbound Marketing and Outbound Marketing - An Infographic

Inbound marketing is all about pulling visitors in and outbound marketing is about using push tactics.
Inbound marketing uses mediums like blog posts, webinars, e-books etc to give more value to the customers where outbound marketing uses traditional marketing and advertisement channels.

Inbound marketing process

Inbound marketing is all about providing valuable content to your potential customers throughout their buyer's journey.

The process of inbound marketing starts with attracting a stranger on to your website and then converting that visitor into a lead and then nurturing that lead into a business. The entire process does not end at conversion but continues on by making sure that customer is kept satisfied. This is one of the key points in Inbound Marketing.

Inbound Marketing Process for Small Business in India

  • Attract: At this stage, you attract a potential customer onto your website using SEO, Social media and content marketing.
  • Convert: This is where you convert the visitor into a potential lead by providing contents like well-placed call-to-actions, e-books, whitepapers etc.
  • Close: Here, you close the deal by converting that lead into a solid business using tools like lead nurturing etc.
  • Delight: The most important step in inbound marketing is making sure your customer stays happy even after sales and making them promotors of your brand.
  • Inbound Marketing in India.

    Recently, it has to be admitted that online marketing in India has seen a shift towards content marketing from the normally popular digital marketing. It sure looks like businesses in India is understanding the importance of being there when your target customer is searching for something.

    Are they good at it? They are, as long as the content is relevant and provides value.

    However, having this shift, or at least having a good content marketing and inbound marketing strategy in place will do wonders for a business, especially in India.

    With content marketing gaining popularity among businesses here in India, one thing that can be assured is that much amazing content is going to be produced soon.

    In 2017, if you do not have a solid content marketing strategy in place, I am afraid you are a little late. But that does not mean you should not start now. This is the perfect time to understand the importance of content marketing and inbound marketing.

    How Small businesses in India can leverage Inbound marketing to grow and beat their competition:

    Small businesses have the biggest advantage while implementing a content marketing or inbound marketing strategy.

    The small team and lack of rigidity enable them to easily adapt and thus reap the maximum benefit while the larger organization might take more time in implementing such a move even after having a whole lot of resources at their disposal.
    With online competition being the same and the size or resources at disposal being a secondary factor, small businesses can easily use amazing content to bring in more sales.

    Here are some of the things a small business in India can use inbound marketing to gain a competitive advantage.

    1) Plan your content marketing strategy, know what type of content your target market likes and what kind of valuable content that you can provide. Always highlight what problems you are aiming to solve for your readers.

    2) Research about what your target customers searching for using tools like Google Adwords or

    3) Build the content around the keyword you have so found from the research. Make sure the content is worth reading because only then will your content get shared.

    4) Use Social media to gain a follower base. This can be done either over time by creating content that gets shared or you can use paid promotions.

    5) Distribute the content you have created through various mediums but specifically, your social media handles.

    6) Have an SEO strategy. While content is important, ranking for specific keywords is equally, if not more, important.

    This is 2017, understand customers are king and with the deep penetration of Internet, options are in the millions. To stand out in the crowd, you have to be special and make your customers feel special. Inbound marketing and content marketing is the way you can do it.


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