How Businesses in india should promote their online content

Well done! You have done all the hard work, done all the research, written down all your ideas and have created an amazing stand out content that you believe will add value to your industry and readers. But, that is only half way there!

Now you have to promote your content through all the right way for it to reach to the people for whom that content really matters.

Following are some of our go to ways you can promote your content so that it gets the proper exposure it deserves.

There are multiple ways to market your content. But as the go to way of promoting your newly written content, you can use the following.

1) Use Influencers to promote and share your content :

The idea here is to have a killer content. Provided that condition is met, the next job is to look for influencers within your industry in any of the social medias. This can be anyone from Twitter, Facebook or Instagram etc. who are relevant to your industry.

Screenshot of influencer in content marketing - Digikarma

You have to give that amazingly written content to these influencers and let them read or consume it. If the content is written well and if it does provide more value, them sharing it is only eventual. Also dropping in a sudden ‘Hi, please share my content’ will mostly never work. It is all about building that relationship with the influencer and then giving out the right content to them.

Screenshot of likelihood of earning an influencer by MOZ - Digikarma

2) Create Long Tail keywords to attract SEO traffic :

Short keywords are simply too hard to rank. Consider the word ‘furniture’. This type of a keyword is too generic and it will not be too surprising if there are too many companies competing for such a keyword. Suppose you are a furniture manufacturer based in Bangalore and would like to rank for the word furniture, it is better to target the long tail keyword furniture manufacturers at Bangalore. There are two reasons why you should be doing this, the primary being the fact that it is more relevant to you and at the same time the competition will be much low compared a generic word like furniture.

short tail keyword search screenshot - Digikarma

Now check how the result changes when a relevant long tail keyword is used.

Long tail keyword search screenshot- Digikarma

It should also be noted that over 70% off the searches are for long tail keywords

Screenshot of the Hidden value of Long tail seo by CWS -Digikarma

And most of the time it is always about targeting those long tail keywords those other competitors have not yet thought of or have ignored so far. To find those perfect long tail keywords you can:

a) Go to Google Adwords Keyword Planner and type in your primary keyword. (eg: lead generation) and click on get ideas.
Keywords planner - Digikarma

b) Once you click on the get ideas you will be presented with a page like the one below from where you can gather insights into how much search there are and what long tail keywords you should be targeting.
Keyword ideas screenshot - Digikarma

c) You can take it a step further by putting in a long tail keyword at the search box and get ideas on even longer long tail keywords.

You can use these long tails in your headings to target those who are looking for the results.

3) Use Comment marketing to build relationships and to drive traffic:

Comment marketing to phrase it in terms of Moz, is part relationship building and part content promotion. This is so because comment marketing primarily aims at increasing interaction and building solid relationships. Now, using bots or posting excessive links on comments is not a best practice and can get you banned from pages and blogs.

The key here is to engage in conversations with people on the internet who are creating good content. For the same you will have to do some search and find out what interesting content is out there and leave a very thoughtful comment. This will mostly invoke a conversation and sometimes you might even be able to post a link back to one of your interesting contents (as long as it is relevant).

The important point is to understand that comment marketing is all about getting your name out there and letting everyone know you are interested in the content. Doing this, if you are able to bring in some quality traffic along the way, hey! Isn’t it win-win?

To begin with content marketing you can:

a) Find authority blogs in your industry. You can do this by searching keyword + Blog. For example if you are looking for a blog in Biotechnology you can google Biotechnology Blogs. This will give you a list of Blogs you can check out and decide which one to comment on.
Google search screenshot - Digikarma

You can find authority blogs using MozBar and choose them to associate with. Always keep in mind that the primary goal is not promoting the content but engaging thoughtful conversations and interactions.

b) Now leave a very useful comment that stays within the topic. This can be some genuine question that you may need clarity on. This can also be your view on the subject. The idea here is to make the comment interesting so as to initiate a conversation. However, leaving a very generic and useless comment will make all your effort go vain.

4) Use content upgrade to give that extra edge to your content:

The content upgrade was first termed by Brian Dean who used it to increase the conversion rate by 785% in just one day

Increase in conversion rate by Brain dean

Wondering what content upgrade is? You might have already seen it in action across blogs and have not been able to name it yet. Have you ever noticed blogs asking you to download a pdf or an eBook of the content you have just read? That is exactly what content upgrade is all about.

Check out the following example

Example of content upgrade

To begin a content upgrade you should start by creating a lead bait for any content you write. Make sure you create a unique and specific upgrade for each of the content that you come up with. It is that simple.

Content upgrade is one the fastest way to grow your Email list.

This type of upgrades mostly work because it is convenient for people to download a pdf or an eBook into their tablet or kindle and read some time later. It is not surprising when you find people downloading the same content they have read in PDF all over again just because it is convenient and desirable.

Following are some other types of content upgrades:

  • Videos
  • Membership access
  • Podcasts
  • Discount code
  • Free templates and themes
  • Plugins
  • Audiobooks

  • 5) Tap into more users by Guest posting:

    With guest posting you create unique content on other websites with related audience but with bigger reach. Now, Guest posting is also a technique that is misused and hence has a bad reputation to it. The act of creating a shabby invaluable article and putting it in some medium authority websites to get links is an activity that should be condemned.

    But do it well, Guest posting is a strategy that can take your promotion game to the next level and can give you a better ROI

    Stats of Guest posting

    Granted, it takes time and effort, but in the end the result is worthy of it all.

    To begin with you will have to look for top quality authority sites in your niche. You’ll know it’s good if you are proud to be writing for them. Again, the idea here is not to get a link back to you but to build a relationship and provide your industry with valuable content.

    Get started with Guest Posting with the following steps:

    a) Find an authoritative website with a good Page Rank and Domain Authority.
    b) Start commenting on the posts and build a relationship with them.
    c) Pitch the Editors of that website any blog or content ideas that you can come up with. Forget building any links here because you are building relationships and authority here. Make sure any ideas you suggest is related to their website and that it stays relevant for their readers
    d) Promote the content that gets posted.
    e) Repeat!

    6) Do an Outreach or PR to make use of earned media:

    Earned media is simply put any promotional activity minus the paid promotion. In that sense, it is all the promotion you gain out relationships and authority.

    But how do we target those bloggers and media journalists out there? Simple, Outreach!

    To make this happen, it involves an outreach to media and bloggers to write about you. You will have to carefully curate pitches to each of them (tailored to their liking) so that they find you interesting and think about writing about you.

    To gain their interest, you will have to offer them something interesting. In case of medias, you can give them exclusive news to gain their interest while bloggers might be more interested if you offer some kind of freebies for their readers. It all boil down to what matters to them. Also, be wary of any submission guidelines that they may have.

    Here is how you can do it:

  • Find the right media journalist or bloggers for you.
  • Pitch them. But curate it to tweak their interest.
  • Make sure the content is new because nobody wants duplicate boring content.
  • Try till you succeed.

  • 7) Use you Social Media:

    This one might be a no brainer. Social media is growing and is one platform you can use to gain more reach.

    Any content on social media stays there and that is why it is important to have your content available there when someone out there is looking for it.

    Now, if your social media team and content team is working together then your content will always be what your followers want. But here also, social media is all about relationship building and hence you have to make sure you social media team is posting content other than yours too. This works for you because this not only adds up to your content quality but also helps you build more followers.

    Facebook page screenshot of Digikarma

    How to promote the content on social media:

  • Find the right channel depending on your target market and the type of content. For eg: Video on YouTube works but a new blog is better to be shared on twitter or Facebook.
  • Find the right time to post. This can be done by looking at when your followers are most active. You can also use social media management tools like Buffer , Hootsuite etc.
  • Use hashtags. But don’t overdo it. Research on what hashtags are right for you and use it prudently.

  • 8) Paid promotions:

    So far we have looked at ways to promote without spending a dime of money. Let us now consider some of the ways we can use money to promote your content.

    Paid promotion ranges from display ads to PPC ads and social media marketing. Discussing it all in this blog would be beyond the scope, so let us just go through all these so that you can get an idea about what they are.

    The first constraint to be set before you do any paid marketing is to set your budget. Here, the budget is completely up to you and you have full freedom on where to spend it.

    a) Paid Social Media:
    Screenshot of Facebook Ads

    Social media is one place everyone is spending a lot of time. In fact, Social Media Today believes that almost 5 years and 4 months of our lifetime we are spending it on Social medias.

    Time spend on social media by SMT

    This does symbolize how integral a part Social Media have become recently.

    So it only makes sense to spend your money where people are.

    Almost all of the Social Media’s out there does allow you to customize who the advert is being targeted to. This gives you a freedom to choose and it also helps to make sure your content is reaching to people that matter.

    Screenshot of facebook ad targeting

    Tracking the analytics of paid advertisement is also easy on social media’s since all of them provide you with appropriate insights. This way, tracking your ROI becomes more easier.

    b) Search Engine Marketing:

    This is sometimes called Paid Search. This one involves paying to search engines so that your page or content comes up when somebody is searching for a keyword related to you. You might have already noticed this when you’ve searched for something on Google.

    Screenshot google paid ads

    Here is how you can do a Paid search campaign on Google:

  • Do extensive keyword research and decide on what keywords matter to you the most. Look for the competition and the bid amount.
  • Depending on your budget you can decide what type of match you want. An exact match will have lower CPC (cost per click) but the targeting will be strict, which means your result will only come up when the exact keyword is typed. This can be solved by using a broader match but you will end up paying more since the CPC is high.
  • Make an Ad copy that is compelling and attractive. Do understand that you will be competing here too and hence you have to make your ad copy attractive to stand out.
  • Make sure you are driving the traffic to relevant and important landing page.

  • You can also use Display ads or Banner ads on other related websites to drive traffic to a relevant content.

    9) Email Marketing:

    Email marketing is about emailing your content to all those who have subscribed to your email newsletter. This is a great and easy way to spread your content.

    The key here is to make your email subject stand out and grab the attention of readers. After all you do not want your email to end up unread. Within the email make sure you include call to actions that compels them to take action. You can also try content upgrades in email to drive more traffic to your website.

    Above are some of the best ways to promote your content. But always remember, what it really matters is how well the content is rather than how well you have promoted it.


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