7 Reasons Why Igtv (Instagram Tv) Will Matter to You as a Marketer

Instagram have just launched IGTV in an event organised at San Francisco. Using IGTV, content creators and users can now post videos up to one hour long. Back when WSJ announced about

15 Awesome Indian Instagram Profiles You Should Follow In 2018

We all love Instagram. There is no denying that. The photo sharing social media network is now one of the largest used with more than 800 million active users as on September 2017. Instagram has now become our go to place to view and share photos.

A step by step guide on how to be a social media influencer and make money using Facebook, Instagram or any social media.

It is no secret that we love spending our time on social media. We love it so much so that most of us spend more time on social media than anywhere else. It is informative, engaging and the same time helps you keep connected to the outside world from the comforts of your personal space.

13 Reasons why indian businesses should focus on video marketing

What bothers a marketing strategist now is what type of content needs to be created that attracts their target market. While, this should be backed by solid research on understanding what type of content your target market wants, there is no denying that video is gaining popularity among different demographics.

How Businesses in india should promote their online content

Well done! You have done all the hard work, done all the research, written down all your ideas and have created an amazing stand out content that you believe will add value to your industry and readers.

How small business can use content marketing for lead generation in India

Small business in India has now rightly started to use content marketing as one of the primary tools for attracting more businesses and leads online.

Inbound Marketing Strategies To Help Small Business In India

Inbound marketing is getting more customers and sales through content marketing, social media marketing, and Search Engine Optimisation.

The introductory blog post of Digikarma - Finally!

I know its late, but then its never too late to do something good. After almost a year, we are finally launching our official blog.


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