Instagram has just launched IGTV in an event organised at San Francisco. Using IGTV, content creators and users can now post videos up to one hour long.

Back when WSJ announced about Instagram supporting the longer format of videos, everything was still kind of foggy with no solid yes/no from the company themselves. However, yesterday on 21st of June 2018, Instagram launched IGTV that will let creators post longer format videos that is up to one hour.

What is IGTV?

IGTV, simply put, is Instagram's solution to YouTube's domination of longer formats of videos. IGTV enables creators to post longer format of 'vertical videos' (that has more height than width).

IGTV can be accessed from inside the Instagram app or is also available as a standalone app that can be downloaded. Like traditional television, IGTV will also have channels.

"It's time for video to move forward, and evolve," said Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom onstage at the event. "IGTV is for watching long-form videos from your favourite creators.."

You can know more about IGTV here at their official blog post

How does IGTV Work?

IGTV is directly accessible from the Instagram app and is also available as a dedicated application.

IGTV enables users to upload longer format videos that can be viewed by anyone. Like Youtube, anyone can create a channel and upload their videos. There is a separate tab where popular videos across IGTV are featured and there is also a separate section where you can watch the videos from the profiles that you are following.

What does IGTV mean to us as marketers?

As marketers what matters to us is how we can use IGTV to reach out to our target customers and provide content that is relevant to them. With more than one billion users on Instagram, IGTV is something no marketer should ignore. The potential to deliver the right content here is without a doubt, immense.

1) A new platform to roll-out content:

As marketers in the content era, we must understand that having a new platform to distribute fresh, relevant and engaging content is just simply amazing. IGTV gives us an opportunity to reach out to the audience that we have been missing out on Instagram.

Brands across the country have been heavily investing in videos and Instagram was always limited to shorter versions of videos that meant either all of us had to make videos short for Instagram or that we had to curate them separately to fit the platform. Now, with IGTV this problem is solved.

2) Reach out to the younger audience on Instagram:

Beyond any doubt, most of the younger generation are now moving away from the traditional Television and is now consuming more contents either on platforms like YouTube, Netflix or Facebook.

IGTV gives you access to that young audience who are already familiar with how Instagram works. As marketers, this gives us an opportunity to directly reach out to them.

3) One billion users:

When a new platform or app is launched one of the daunting tasks is to amass users. Some brands may take years to get to the first million.

Instagram has one billion users as of now and IGTV has direct access to all of them (or vice-versa). This means that IGTV is 'beginning' with one billion potential users all ready to consume content. Isn't that great news?

4) Will be easier to advertise using Facebook Ads Manager:

As of now, IGTV is not monetized and that means there are no ads. But CEO of Instagram, Kevin Systrom, did mention that there will be advertisement down the road. "Right now we're focused on building engagement," he said in a press conference after the launch. "But that's obviously a very reasonable place to end up. There will be a way for creators to make a living."

This is good news for marketers like us because this means there will be a new platform to run our branded content and also it can most possibly be done from the Facebook ads manager, which is one of the easiest platforms to use.

5) You do not have to rely solely on YouTube to market video contents:

As content marketers, we have already realized the importance of video. And that is why many of us have already embraced YouTube and have been using it ever since. But, having just one platform always limits the potential of a campaign (at least that is what I believe).

With IGTV, it gives us a fresh platform to work with and that gives us whole new content ideas to work with too. Also, all videos being vertical will give the users an amazing mobile viewing experience. Considering, more than 50% of worlds internet traffic is from mobile and is expected to grow more, this provides a significant advantage to IGTV.

All of this means you do not have to rely just on YouTube to distribute your content.

6) More Influencers to work and collaborate with:

There are influencers on every platform. Before IGTV, Instagram was all about images. Influencers and brands collaborated to make beautiful images.

Now that video has opened up, this provides a huge opportunity for brands that concentrate on video content. Now they can use IGTV and Instagram to run influencer marketing campaigns without having to shift their focus from video.

7) A platform for the future:

Invest in future, This is one advice we have been hearing from financial and business experts. I can tell you it is the same in content marketing. IGTV looks promising and considering its user base is young, this is a medium to be investing in for the future.


I am excited to be marketing in this era. The potential is just huge and simply awesome. It looks like IGTV is here to stay and as marketers, this is the right time to embrace it. Having said this, IGTV is fresh and new.. Like all things, we will have to learn more about how to work with them. That is what I advise you to do and that is what I will be doing too. But what I can be sure and what I am excited is about the opportunity that comes with a new platform like IGTV and all the exciting content that we can create on this.

Good day.

Written By : Srigovind Mohan


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