We all love Instagram. There is no denying that. The photo sharing social media network is now one of the largest used with more than 800 million active users as on September 2017. Instagram has now become our go to place to view and share photos.

What makes an instagram account worth following is its content. There are many users out there who realizes content is the king and put considerable effort in bringing quality content to their followers.

Here are our list of Instagram account that we think you should follow so that your Instagram feed stays interesting.


Here is our list of top instagram influencers you should follow, why you should follow them and what type of content you can expect. (We have excluded celebrities, athletes, sportsman etc).

Abhinav Chandel aka abhiandnow

Type of influencer: Travel Writer

Follow him for: Writings, Poems, amazing travel photos, landscape photos and portraits (occasional).

This is one of our top picks. His instagram is filled with amazing photos of the Himalayas and anything interesting that he captures on his travels.

Add to that his beautiful poems and writings, you are left with content that leaves you wanting for more.

Now based out of Dharamsala, he frequently takes beautiful photos of landscape around the Himalayas. He travels often and that brings in variety of pictures that can fuel your thirst for traveling.
With unmatched photography skills and writings that make you crave for more, he is one of our top must follow accounts on Instagram.

Navaneeth Unnikrishnan aka navaneeth_unnikrishnan

Type of influencer: Photographer.

Follow him for: Beautiful photos.

This is another one among our top pick. Navaneeth takes brilliant photos. Period!

Personally we are a huge fan of his landscape and Astrophotography but that said he is immensely talented when it comes to taking portraits too.

We strongly believe, with a camera, Navaneeth can do no wrong. Do follow him for some brilliantly taken photos, we can guarantee you will be in love with it, like us!

Aayushi Bangur Sahu aka styledrive

Type of Influencer: Fashion and Travel

Follow her for: Fashion and beauty tips, fashion accessories and beauty products.

Styledrive or Aayushi is one of the must follow accounts if you are looking for influencers in fashion. Her impeccable knowledge in fashion and her photos of accessories will keep you up to date with current fashion trends and beautiful accessories.

With occasional photos of places she travels, she keeps her content interesting and at the same time always relevant.

All her campaigns revolve around fashion, so if you are looking for influencers in fashion to inspire from, look no further.

Priyanshu Kumar aka therawtextures

Type of Influencer: Food blogger

Follow him for: FOOOOOD!

This is one of our favourites. Therawtextures Instagram is filled with photos of food that make you drool.

He often brings you the right mix of sweet and savoury foods from across north India and his pictures often leaves you wanting for even more.

Follow his Instagram if you love food. That is exactly what he offers.

Rufus Reynolds aka the.ramukaka

Type of influencer: Travel influencer

Follow him for: Amazing travel photos

Yet another travel photographer and blogger here. Ramukaka is known for his brilliantly shot photographs, witty captions and travel blogs of landscapes of anywhere he travels.

He is a very talented photographer and some of his photographs are one among, if not the best out there in instagram.

There was a time when I took breaks while riding or driving...i took em for the passion I had towards smoking...and now when I take breaks...I either control the urge by biting my teeth...which you can see on my face...or I end up finishing a 1 litre bottle of packaged drinking water...I had to choose between smoking and paying EMI's for a motorcycle...i chose the latter...thanks for reading and supporting me always...thats a Triumph Bonneville Bobber...a dream come true ?? . Shot by @karteeksivagouni . #bikeride #bike #motorcycle #instamotor #streetbike #biker #motorbike #instabike #instamotorcycle #racing #motorcycles #bikes #bikersofinstagram #bikeporn #wheels #helmets #bikers #helmet #motorsport #bonneville #supermoto #bikelife #bobber#triumph #bikestagram

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We recommend following him if you love checking out amazing photos because that is what this 'kaka' does best.

Ajayan Chalissery aka ajayanchalissery

Type of Influencer: Artist

Follow him for: Art inspirations from daily everyday objects

We are not entirely sure if Ajayan can be considered an influencer. He is a professional movie art director and has a skill to back up that profession

His photos are brilliant and the way he create art out of daily everyday boring objects are simply amazing.

He is a talented artist, one you must follow if you are into art. With out of the box ideas, his photos are among the very best work of art out there. His account is the go to place if you are looking to add a good dose of art into your daily mundane life.

Shramona Poddar aka mishti.and.meat

Type of influencer: Travel writer

Follow her for: Travel inspirations and photography

Shramona is all about travel and photography. The right combination that make a brilliant Instagram profile worth following.

Iíve never been a very big fan of tea or coffee, in fact Iím one of those few humans who always end up drinking milkshakes at cafes, but that in no way came between my absolute excitement to see the vast expanse and sheer beauty of tea gardens in Munnar. The massive green fields and the utter joy of having the entire place to myself, turned me into a kid behaving outright funny, running through the tiny lanes in between the plantations, stretching my arms as wide as I could while inhaling fresh air more than I should, doing the twirls, singing the songs, wanting to settle here lifelong. And once my madness subsided a bit, I spent the rest of the time helping a lady pluck tea leaves and stems for green and white tea while pruning them with a scissor like instrument that got me excited once again. I think I finally found my alternate career option. This is one of the tea farms at Bodimettu, few kilometres away from main Munnar where I was taken from @sholacrownmunnar as part of my day activities. Oh, itís been just a day and I already miss it so much. #MishtiAndMeatTravels #MishtiandMeatinMunnar #SholaCrownMunnar #SholaCrown #munnar #kerala #keralatourism #southindia #india #travel

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You will find her on the road most of the times and every one of her photographs with the descriptions is nothing short of brilliant.

Here's sharing one of my favorite quotes from one of my favorite movies. Hope you're all having a happy Saturday. The very basic core of a man's living spirit is his passion for adventure. The joy of life comes from our encounters with new experiences, and hence there is no greater joy than to have an endlessly changing horizon, for each day to have a new and different sun. If you want to get more out of life, you must lose your inclination for monotonous security and adopt a helter-skelter style of life that will at first appear to you to be crazy. But once you become accustomed to such a life you will see its full meaning and its incredible beauty. ~ Into the Wild. #MishtiAndMeatTravels #MishtiandMeatinMeghalaya #travel #intothewild #quotes #travel #meghalaya #indiapictures #indiaclicks #storiesofindia #incredibleindia #shotoncanon #wildcraft

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From her Instagram it is clear that she loves traveling, and that she loves sharing the experiences with the world. Follow her and you will be inspired to travel more.

Vir Nakai aka virnakai

Type of Influencer: Motorcyclist and traveller

Follow him for: Motorcycles, GoPro photographies and travel

His love for two wheels is clearly reflected in his Instagram profile. It is filled with either motorcycles or helmets.

Founder of #helmetstories, he is known for his love for motorcycles. Add that with the love for traveling you are left with an Instagram feed filled with brilliant GoPro shots of curvy asphalt, snow clad mountains and off road adventures.

Follow him if you love motorcycles and traveling. You will never be disappointed.

Varsha and Vivek aka whartever.

Type of influencer: Commercial Artists

Follow them for: Anything related to art / drawings

For those who are looking for inspirations from art, this is the must follow account.

There are plenty of artists around in Instagram and not choosing them all is the difficult part. However, choosing whARTever was easy. They are talented and every new upload looks better than the previous ones.

From portraits to doodles to anything related to art, this is the one account you should follow.

Ankita | Corallista aka corallistablog

Type of influencer: Beauty blog

Follow her for: Beauty tips and advice

This is one IG that focus strictly on beauty and beauty related products. Ankita is brilliant at what she does and she helps her followers achieve the same with short videos.

She also shares her expertise on beauty products that she believe will be useful for her followers.

If beauty tips are something you need and if you are looking for an Instagram account related to the same, look no further.

Shenaz Treasury (Travel, Hotels & Smiles) aka shenaztreasury

Type of influencer: Travel and lifestyle influencer

Follow her for: Travel inspiration

Shenaz does one thing good, she travels and she tells that to the world. Unlike the others in this list, her travel mostly features hotels around the world.

Her IG is filled with photos and videos from various exotic hotels and locations that varies from beach to mountains, her photos will surely make you want to travel to those.

If you are looking to feed the travel bug in you with some nice photos of hotels and locations around the world, do follow Shenaz, it will be worth it.

Apoorva Jayarajan aka apoorvajayarajan

Type of influencer: Yoga and Acro Yoga.

Follow her for: Daily dose of Yoga inspiration and casual fashion

If being fit is your next goal and are looking for accounts to follow that inspires you to do the same, follow Apoorva.

Apoorva is all about Yoga and she comes up with complex poses every day that leaves you questioning a humans's limitation of flexibility.

With 2 uploads, self designed clothes and a different yogic pose every day, this is a must follow influencer on Instagram for your daily fitness inspiration.

Ankit Sharma aka man_made_machines

Type of Influencer: Motorcycle Photographer

Follow him for: Beautiful photos of motorcycles

There is one thing that Ankit does well, that is taking beautiful photos of machines that he loves. His Instagram is all about super bikes and some of the pictures are among the very best out there.

I have lots of problems that I face, people who only want images from me, brands trying to brainwash and what not, but only thing I wait for is that few minutes when I get to be with Motorcycles and capture what I am feeling, that's itself is a beautiful feeling. With all idiotic days the only memory which brings a smile on my face is when I see the image I made and it takes me back to the moment I was alone with just the bike, camera and me. There are very few things that can make you feel good when everything goes wrong, and please don't let these beautiful things let go. . . #iamnikon #nikonasia #nikon #hayabusa #suzuki #suzukiindia #shark #vr46 #rossi #valentinorossi #hayabusa1300 #cloudscape #sky #clouds @suzukicycles @suzuki2wheelers @superbikesinindia @nikonindiaofficial @nikonasia

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Those who follow him might already know what he loves, that is motorcycles and Chai! And that is exactly what his Instagram is all about.

If you love motorcycles and love seeing some amazing shots of such beautiful machines, then make sure you follow man_made_machines.

Shivesh aka shivesh17

Type of influencer: Food blogger/ Baker

Follow him for: Beautiful pictures of FOOOOD / recipies

Here is a talented self taught baker and food blogger who have amassed a huge follower base simply by clicking beautiful pictures of food. His pictures are absolutely beautiful and really does make you drool.

His blog is one of the must read for anyone who is aspiring to be a baker or a food blogger.

His love for baking and food is clearly evident from all the pictures that he takes, so if food is what you always want to see on your feed, make sure you follow him, we are sure you will absolutely love it.

Auditya Venkatesh aka audiphotography

Type of influencer: Photographer.

Follow him for: Beautiful pictures

For most of you Auditya might not be a new name. If you love photos, you might already be following him in Instagram. He is that good!.

Auditya, simply put, is a brilliant photographer. All of his images are in its own way amazing

We know this is yet another photographer that we are picking, but hey, this is Instagram and photos are what its all about. Audi photography is a page you wont regret following.


So those are the 15 people from India that we believe you should be following on Instagram. What do you think? How many of the above are you already following? Let us know.


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